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    An architectural or commercial style building often needs a classical aesthetically pleasing door, although not compromising on security or fire rating.

    Wood-grain effect steel doors are getting to be very popular in recent times, due to their attractive appearance. Design for paint is applied much just as as other traditional looking paints utilizing a powder coated finish, and gives exactly the same durability as other steel painted doors.

    What’s more this paint effect can be put on any vision panels, louvres side and over panels, ensuring a good finish.

    Why a steel door?

    Unlike wooden doors, steel doors less complicated more endurant, without having shrinkage, cracking, or warping. Additionally, the wood-grain paint finish will not peel, bubble or delaminate. Wooden doors require considerable maintenance to ensure their endurance, including regular putting on a paint or veneer finish. Steel Doors do not require any maintenance and will last greater than 20 years for most circumstances.

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