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    You need to fit genuine parts to your Mercedes-Benz car, van or truck i desire to outline some of the why you should you in this post. Firstly and perhaps in ways the most important reason is to think why you bought a Mercedes vehicle initially. Almost certainly most significant reasons was its image and reputation. The look was built up more than a period of time simply because with the Mercedes brand’s good reputation for building and reliability. Should you fit a non genuine part to your Mercedes, then surely it’s not longer a Mercedes? OK nearly all it could be, nevertheless the parts that you just fit to it aren’t. Why don’t we take brake parts on an example. In case you fit a set of non genuine brake disks and pads on your Mercedes Van, you happen to be driving a Mercedes van with non Mercedes brakes. And so the toughness for Mercedes brakes, the stopping distance and feel of those brakes are non standard. Doesn’t that detract from the reason you purchased your Mercedes van to start with?

    It is advisable to recognize that when a vehicle manufacturer for example Mercedes designs a car or van, they spend a great deal of money and time on designing and testing everyone component. This ensures reliability and optimum performance within the specifications with the vehicle. Naturally alternative party manufacturers purchase might be found too, however their budgets and research and engineering facilities are tiny when compared.

    The ultimate factor will be the warranty that you receive with genuine Mercedes Parts. In the case of Mercedes cars and vans, you recruit a very generous Two year warranty with all parts. This warranty isn’t affected by the mileage covered around the vehicle either providing you further little bit of mind that regardless of how many miles that you just cover with your van, it is certain how the warranty still applies. Mercedes Truck parts have a different warranty available. They make use of a 1 year warranty, with unlimited mileage too. Hence the the next occasion that you need a Mercedes Parts, to understand things and regardless of whether you desire to keep the Mercedes, just that – a Mercedes!

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