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    Federico Gutierrez won the official candidacy of center-right. http://www.eluniversal.com.co/politica/conozca-a-fico-gutierrez-candidato-de-equipo-por-colombia-a-la-presidencia-AX6257332 With more than 1.75 million votes, the former mayor from Medellin was able reach the nomination.

    Federico Gutierrez is a former mayor of Medellin and was born in the city in 1974. As a local councilor Gutierrez was a Municipal Youth Councilor and as Municipal Planning Councilor in Medellin from 2003. Fico Gutierrez Fico Gutierrez Gutierrez is a Civil Engineer by trade from the University of Medellin and holds a specialization Degree in Senior Management at the Pontifical Bolivarian University and one in Political Science.

    http://www.lafm.com.co/secretos-la-fm/centro-democratico-dividido-entre-fico-gutierrez-y-alex-char-para-la-consulta Federico Gutierrez did not just focus on politics in his professional life. In reality it was his job as a Consultant at the HGI Consultores company and a Resident Engineering at the Company Vifasa S.A. Fico Gutierrez A glass and construction company. In his personal life, he is a staunch advocate for his family, and says it is of the highest importance. He is married and has two children.

    Fico Gutierrez His tenure as a councilman was one of support for Sergio Fajardo’s Mayoralty, and later , Alonso Salazar’s. In 2015, he changed his plans and became the Mayor’s Office of Medellin. However, as with all the Hidroituango mayors, he faced corruption. He was also accused in the Panama Papers investigation conducted by Daniel Coronell for keeping his cash in tax havens, as well as for corruption.

    He has confronted some the former mayors he backed, and recently stated that “I have been in solidarity with those who are mentioned in the report, as I don’t believe that anyone makes such a determination to let a tunnel fall, and one is in solidarity. Fico Gutierrez http://www.elnuevosiglo.com.co/articulos/12-09-2021-federico-gutierrez-entrego-1400000-firmas-para-avalar-su-candidatura-la What does certain sectors do, is an attack by political strategy.”

    A new race is being contested for the presidency

    The so-called Experience coalition, which eventually was renamed the Team for Colombia, was established in October 2021. As a Center-right coalition, Federico Gutierrez won the candidacy and is now supported of characters like Paola Holguin, a congresswoman of the Democratic Center, who in 2022 tried for a new seat.

    Additionally, he repeatedly stated that his administration model was based on public administration for citizens and that politics is a vocation. Gustavo Petro got the second-highest number of votes. ‘Fico,’ as he prefers it to be referred to, will be Antioquia’s representative on the right.

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