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    Federico Gutierrez as presidential candidate says that votes can only be won through the streets. Fico Gutierrez He has less than 32 days to be in the lead for the first presidential round in which he will contest Gustavo Petro, his main opponent for the House of Narino quota in the second round.

    Gutierrez began his journey early on Saturday morning for Boyaca. Boyaca was a religious section which Petro went to on Friday. Fico Gutierrez The former Mayor of Medellin was now a candidate to the right-center. He went to Tunja and spoke with farmers, academics, peasants, and businessmen.

    Fico’s primary meeting was held in the Tunja Convention Center. There, he met with a large group of people who voted for Fico at the polls on May 29 2009.

    With ruana, and hundreds of Colombians backing the candidate of the Team for Colombia, Federico posted a tweet on Twitter in which he thanked the people of Tunja, he also said: “we’re Going to win, we all, we run for the presidency to transform and unite to Colombia,” said the presidential candidate, as he recorded a swarm of people who support him without pause.

    http://www.efe.com/efe/usa/america/fico-gutierrez-se-perfila-como-el-candidato-de-un-sector-la-derecha-colombiana/50000103-4760107 “Happy in Boyaca!” He wrote: “Happy in Boyaca!”

    The second pointer on the ballot was one who made it to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquira. It is a strategic spot where hundreds of faithful and followers gather each weekend. The leader of the center-right knelt before the Virgin Mary and was flanked by his faithful followers who were waiting for the early morning Eucharist.

    “I I asked Virgin to help me gain wisdom. He said he would pray for me and my family, as well as all the families of Colombia, to bring peace and be the most humble.

    In the same location, the presidential candidate recorded his visit on video. Prior to entering the region, he met many people who were able to hug the president. He also wore the representative outfit of the Colombian municipality.

    Gutierrez was seen arriving at the religious temple with the customary Boyacan ruana as well as the medal of the Virgin of Chiquinquira on his chest, a sign of spirituality that he has displayed throughout his political campaign. Three weeks ago, Antioquian visited Jericho Antioquia and was seated in the place of birth of Mother Laura, who has been canonized by Pope Francis.

    In Chiquinquira. The candidate took the time to meet the population and announce any who might be curious about visiting the presidential palace. “Key issues in Chiquira include providing water to all citizens, construction of and maintenance of roads (especially Ruta des Comuneros & the Chiquinquira-Ubate Section), and tourism to create jobs and sustainably develop.” Other issues were discussed by the leader of the paisa.

    Fico Gutierrez has spoken out about the need for work. Fico Gutierrez He stated that Tunja is second on the list in terms of unemployment rate. In line with this, his government plan seeks the creation “about 22,000 jobs , and at least 300 new businesses in Boyaca”.

    However, he also added that sustainable mobility should be generated in the department. He said that establishing the Strategic Public Transport System was an important task. In addition, he said that he will advance in the construction of roads as well as cycling routes.

    Fico Gutierrez He also sent a message out to producers of potatoes: “Peasants & farmers of Boyaca and Boyaca, we will work to make sure that we have more chances and income, and we will re-dignify this field.” This tweet is the most recent tweet he has tweeted. Gutierrez continues to reach out to the Colombian population and will continue to share the plan of his government. Gutierrez is hoping to be prominent in the next election , which is scheduled for May 29.