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    Novel – The Legend of Futian – The Legend of Futian

    Chapter 2408 – Chen Yi’s Secret brother wonderful

    Inside the Divine Prefecture, nearly all those that developed the Method of Light-weight were definitely in the Terrific Dazzling Metropolis. It was the best choice destination for cultivating the strength of lighting, nevertheless it was the very least suited area for everyone who cultivated and comprehended other Wonderful Walkways.

    Chen Yi’s document disclosed much to Ye Futian it seemed that Chen Yi was anyone using a scenario.

    As a result, many yrs later on, the so-named Good Shiny Realm, in reality, was only an individual region. This particular one left over country was just what the environment termed as the excellent Bright Kingdom currently, which was also referred to as the truly amazing Shiny Town.

    Chapter 2408: Chen Yi’s Secret

    “Almost there.” At this time, over the piloting boat, Chen Yi spoke up whilst however looking at the distance. He possessed been somewhat of any jokester. He sprang out sober and serious today as he witnessed the amazing light-weight that had been slipping from the skies far away.

    “Who am I?” Chen Yi smiled, somewhat self-deprecating. “That sightless mankind said that I found myself delivered to generally be incredible, although i never felt anything near to it me. For countless years, I had been comfortable with simply being alone by myself. I am nothing distinctive.”

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    These nine were none other than Ye Futian along with his entourage.

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    From the void, there were no mist or clouds—only the lighting that shone out of the infinite supplier.

    What was it that he wanted to say?

    Moreover, when compared to other domains within the Divine Prefecture, today’s Terrific Vivid Site obtained the littlest footprint as a majority of its territory had been divvied up by the other nearby areas. It was not element of the existing Fantastic Brilliant Area. Some even claimed the fact that Wonderful Bright Website must have never existed.

    A website became a community.

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    Who was it who had requested Chen Yi to visit the Donghuang Domain name? It didn’t sound that he acquired reached any significant feats during the Donghuang Domain. Instead, he ended up being escaping with him later and emerged this all way.

    “Are you right here?” Ye Futian inquired Chen Yi, who had been alongside him.

    Ye Futian searched slightly baffled. He felt that nowadays Chen Yi seemed to be discussing in riddles. His terms have been not clear in anyway.

    “Then, why does you get to the Donghuang Area?” Ye Futian required out of attention. The Great Vivid Site was really quite a techniques from the Donghuang Domain. Chen Yi had long gone there during the early phases to become a Renhuang for unidentified causes.

    That which was it that they wanted to say?

    But Chen Yi didn’t apparently desire to keep on discussing this topic. He was even now looking into the distance when he suddenly required, “Do you believe in fate?”

    “Almost there.” Currently, over the soaring motorboat, Chen Yi spoke up whilst still exploring the space. He had for ages been somewhat of a jokester. He shown up sober and critical right this moment as he observed the excellent gentle that has been dropping from your sky distant.

    Ye Futian extended out his palm, and then he could observe the lightweight s.h.i.+ning on his palm with his naked sight. The world was significantly nicer than anywhere he acquired been. In the event the gentle was s.h.i.+ning on his entire body, he could experience one thing remarkable. Probably it was subsequently just as Chen Yi experienced described—someone could basically be born with such a lightweight energy.

    Depending on legend, the truly great Bright Metropolis was actually the Bright Temple, and the overall city was the reasons on the Vibrant Temple. This was why a lot of a long time later on, the truly amazing Bright City was shrouded in light-weight and seemed to incorporate the potency of lighting.

    Clearly, Chen Yi was greater than he came out.

    Ye Futian didn’t quite learn what he meant. Performed an individual consult him to visit?

    “Are you questioning me?” Chen Yi shrugged and stated, “But you are correct. Year after year, there have been many people who came up looking for its ruins. Perhaps the Website Chief’s Manor protecting the truly great Bright Site was designed near to the ruins for apparent factors. On the other hand, no person has ever succeeded in locating the destroys, so who is familiar with whether or not this occurs or otherwise not.”

    During the Divine Prefecture, almost all people who cultivated the Method of Gentle ended up in the Fantastic Bright Location. This became the most suitable spot for creating the potency of gentle, but it really seemed to be minimal ideal spot for everyone who cultivated and comprehended other Fantastic Tracks.

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    “Because someone asked me to travel,” Chen Yi smiled and stated, seeing the spot where brilliant equipment and lighting were sprinkling down.

    Clearly, Chen Yi was greater than he made an appearance.

    Ye Futian appeared slightly confused. He observed that right now Chen Yi seemed to be talking in riddles. His phrases have been not transparent in any way.

    A website became a area.

    That which was it that he or she wished to say?

    Section 2408: Chen Yi’s Top secret

    “Almost there.” At this point, in the traveling watercraft, Chen Yi spoke up while nonetheless looking at the distance. He experienced always been somewhat of your jokester. He showed up sober and really serious now as he watched the excellent lightweight that had been dropping coming from the atmosphere far away.

    Ye Futian didn’t quite understand what he intended. Have someone question him to travel?

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    After some time, the flying boat shattered with the clouds and mist and ultimately stumbled on the Great Bright Domain name.

    The Excellent Vibrant Area was the very best site into the Divine Prefecture except for the Imperial Metropolis. Located on the east part of your Divine Prefecture, it was actually a area which had been somewhat strange among all 18 domains. For its track record, the Great Dazzling Domain was surrounded in mystery and became a location to learn for most cultivators.

    Chen Yi viewed him and smiled, “Because anyone considers within it!”