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    V.Gnovel MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master read – Chapter 166 – War(6) doubtful record read-p2

    Novel – MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master – MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

    Chapter 166 – War(6) sail guard

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    Fatty kalash got indeed lifted a batch of loyal and guild centric athletes exactly like him self.

    About 15 thousand of your 50 thousand left behind alive had been wounded. However some of them were actually quickly regaining HP under the restorative healing with the priests and primary Hewlett packard regeneration potions.

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    The pirate dispatch got aldready sailed downriver and in to the beach , and also it was difficult to row it back upstream into the struggle arena.

    The substantial army of 2,50,000 were reduced to 50,000 . The fall of the fort had been a masterstroke that noone observed emerging.

    Chapter 166 – Conflict(6)

    Also beneath the attack of Medivh , the bombs , the archballistae’s attached to the pirate cruise ship , the cannons fired , the arrows photo manually by Exclusive guild people , plus the participants that died within the swords and shields with the tanks , the actual fatality cost came up around 25,000 troops.

    Consequently the chances now moved from getting overwhelmingly outnumbered to remaining massively outnumbered. While the environment seen the nail biting conflict occurrence , the alliance camping had a devastatingly reduced morale.

    His thoughts went mad circumstances that have been out of the question to happen. But the Elites does the unattainable time and again. Not a thing was specified coping with them… Really should he loosened this warfare , he would loosened almost everything…. The anxiety about loosing every little thing was soo fantastic in scorpio’s heart and soul he could not imagine a bit of good counterattack for a expert.

    His mind jogged wild scenarios that had been out of the question to occur. However the Elites managed the not possible again and again. Practically nothing was specified handling them… Must he loose this war , he would loose anything…. The nervous about loosing everything was soo great in scorpio’s coronary heart that he could not imagine any good counterattack for a leader.

    Even Elites possessed deficits on their ends , close to 100 Elites were lifeless , these involved the 9 tanks , 10 archers and approximately 80 lifestyle gamers.

    Unbeknownst for them , your situation was simmilarly grim even for the Elites section , because the guild participants fully understood that the foe quantities had been far more than what part 3 could execute . They turned into their almighty guild expert for the upcoming order.

    What was said to be a hassle-free war became a bad dream on their behalf. Over and over again they identified that this Elites ended up five ways in advance of them the whole of the time.

    Although it never came to it. But Rudra allocated the full lifestyle section , soon after developing the wall structure and installation the archballistae’s. To attend the cellar the spot that the bombs were located and safeguard it with regards to their day-to-day lives.

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    Also beneath the assault of Medivh , the bombs , the archballistae’s placed on the pirate ship , the cannons fired , the arrows golf shot manually by Professional guild members , and also the people that passed away underneath the swords and shields on the tanks , the last passing away toll came approximately 25,000 troops.

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    Hence the percentages now changed from getting overwhelmingly outnumbered to staying massively outnumbered. While world seen the nail biting war function , the alliance camp got a devastatingly reduced morale.

    Here is where Rudra proved his a fact class as being a learn strategist , as without almost everything would program , he still got his men , and then he still obtained to be able to grip glory. It had been foolish to ask for to the 50 thousand sturdy army without any serious want to duke it out mankind to mankind.

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    What happens if he sent the troops asking mainly for the shore infront to really be a minefield ? What if suddenly aircrafts began to appear and nuke his army?

    The Evil Shepherd

    Unless of course the alliance associates billed into the ship , the archballistae’s and cannons ended up unnecessary. A deadlock ensued as no get-togethers made a shift whilst regrouping.

    While labell the life style jobs poor and pointless in battle . It had been incorrect on the Accurate Elites , with this guild where every person is important , even way of life subscribers lead to the guilds energy, ready to perish just before having the foe complete.

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    Chapter 166 – Combat(6)

    It was actually at this time within the impromptu step 4 commenced a consequence of the reincarnation awareness , Rudra claimed “….

    Just 50 thousand associates left position , and to every person all over the world , it was a task worthy of being classed to be a cerebrovascular accident of excellent genius and Rudra as being a masterstrstegist never found before. But the creator in the system , Rudra , had an unsightly concept on his confront.

    Oily kalash possessed indeed increased a set of faithful and guild centric athletes just as himself.

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    This taken place because close to 85,000 alliance subscribers died while using blast of the fort. The archballistae’s got an remove rate of 150 and about 20 were wounded per minute , they ran for in close proximity to 60 minutes , also there ended up ten these archballistae’s , making the whole deathcount within the arrows to get around 90,000 . Also an aditional 12,000 have been harmed.

    About 15 thousand with the 50 thousand kept still living were hurt. Nevertheless some of them ended up quickly regaining Hewlett packard within the recovering with the priests and essential Hp regeneration potions.

    While labell the way of living disciplines weaker and unnecessary in battle . It absolutely was not the case within the True Elites , within this guild where anyone makes a difference , perhaps the way of life members bring about the guilds power, ready to pass on before letting the adversary move.

    What if he forwarded the troops recharging exclusively for the beachfront infront to really be described as a minefield ? What happens if suddenly aircrafts begun to seem and nuke his army?

    All over the world , people were stunned via the huge fort blowing up , eliminating one third in the alliance army along with it.

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    Including the Elites possessed failures in their edges , near 100 Elites had been gone , these added the 9 tanks , 10 archers and approximately 80 way of life players.

    There were only 50,000 Alliance subscribers left behind lively after the fort collapsed!

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