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    Jam-upnovel 《Unrivaled Medicine God》 – Chapter 2519 – Pulling up Mountain With Strength, Unparalleled Imposing Aura! precious fasten recommendation-p3

    Novel – Unrivaled Medicine God – Unrivaled Medicine God

    Chapter 2519 – Pulling up Mountain With Strength, Unparalleled Imposing Aura! drown table

    Otherwise, how could he, a novice who just shattered through to Lower Sublime Divine Stratum, come to be Jun Tian’s fit?

    He pulled the mountain up!

    Everyone fell into serious distress.

    The pace was quick for the extraordinary!

    But he got indeed heaved it up!

    A high in volume noises arrived above. The Heart of Heavenspan immediately fused in to the Heavenspan Hill.

    But now, he hesitated!

    didn’t you claim that you’re heaven? The vital heaven will in fact be afraid associated with an ant? Laughable! Really ridiculous!”


    Thrusting one’s spear paid for great care about energy!

    Currently, the complete Heavenspan Community was in the middle of trembling.


    At present, the whole Heavenspan Community was in the midst of trembling.


    Ye Yuan’s complexion purged bright red, making use of each of the power within his system.


    “This fellow … is very booris.h.!.+ He doesn’t know the approach to take advantage of the Heavenspan Hill whatsoever. So he’s actually yanking inside the hill with his bare palms! If you can experience the Heavenspan Mountain, that could be strange!” Jun Tian claimed having a freezing laugh.

    The time the Heavenspan Mountain / hill transported, the skies did actually have gotten an opening poked inside.

    Ye Yuan also never thought that this Heavenspan Mountain, which each of the Heavenspan World’s powerhouses thought of as a cultivation holy terrain, was really merely a value!

    This gentleman was completely unreasonable!

    Ye Yuan’s appearance purged red, by using every one of the toughness in their body.


    The earliest sensation was weighty!

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    It was simply to hear Ye Yuan give you a extended howl.


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    The second the Heavenspan Mountain peak relocated, the sky seemed to have experienced an opening poked inside.

    Ye Yuan was really planning to eat the Heavenspan Hill!

    But he encountered Ye Yuan!

    Not anywhere to stay away from!

    Regardless how solid his momentum was, how could it possibly gain the current Ye Yuan?