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    Nili Bachar has been teaching us football? The question is in everyone’s mind. What’s the core philosophy behind Nili Bachar’s coaching style? What is his method of connecting with his players? What does he do to communicate with the players? נילי בכר This and more will be addressed in this interview. Read on to discover more details about Nili Bachar’s coach philosophy.

    His ability to make connections with his teammates

    After being sacked by Gili Landau, Nili Bachar became the head coach at Kiryat Shmona. He led her team towards winning the State Cup final. While the team was fifthin the competition, they were crowned the winners of that tournament in the year following. Beersheba completed their league run at third position, and Bachar is a key figure in their success. The team has been the winners of seven consecutive league games, despite his struggles.

    Bachar’s latest matches have proved the ability to do this, despite many times being told that coaches have to be able to communicate with their players. נילי בכר Since several of his players close in age and Bachar utilized this relationship to keep his team focused on the team’s goals. Bachar has managed to convince an experienced midfielder Sheriff Tiraspol to stay and be a good player in the next phase. נילי בכר

    His decision-making process

    Beersheba supporters are clearly unsatisfied with Kiryat Shmona’s management. In the wake of Gili Landau was fired, Bachar became the head coach and led the team to victory in the final of the state cup. The league was a success. נילי בכר Kiryat Shmona came in fifth and won the State Cup the following year. נילי בכר Its current success can be attributed to the coach. On her Facebook page, Taha expressed her admiration for Bachar and his process of making decisions.

    Maor Buzaglo wasn’t happy with his job at the end of last year. נילי בכר The only time he was convinced to continue by Bachar during pre-season, and was dropped from the second leg of Champions League qualifiers. Bachar admitted that he had been not a success. נילי בכר Bachar was able to keep his team’s determination despite its failings. While he’s at it, the manager has made history as the brightest coach in Israel.