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    Many Korean residents living in cities like Seoul and Busan have started to notice the existence of many skyscrapers and tall buildings around the metropolitan region. Many people are also aware of the numerous academic institutions located within the vicinity. People who live in the metro area have grown to recognize the distinctive architectural features of office buildings, such as the Ondol Academy, Gyeongju, Samsung Headquarters at Samsung Town in Busan and Ulsan University, Ulsan, or the Sungkyo Temple, Seoul.

    Many people are also aware of the long-standing tradition of hosting foreign students at these schools. The Korean source of “Ondol” refers to “school located in the sea.” The term was originally employed to describe the highly regarded schools of Sejong University, Korea, as well as the Dacron School, France. Nowadays however, it’s frequently used to mean any institution of higher learning with a few rooms designated as hostels. Accordingly, “osher officetel” is an expression used to describe an establishment where Jews can eat.

    Seoul and Busan are the only cities in the world where real estate markets solely meet the requirements of the working class. This has led to the popularity of Korean homes for foreigners such as myself. Not only do these apartments provide a safe and secure home for me (as they are in a nation where the rate of violence against foreigners is notably low), but they also allow me to work from home – something I’ve not experienced in my country of birth. This is much more easy to attain, so I prefer living in a kosher hotel to an apartment.

    “Sabbath” and “suicide” have very different meanings in Hebrew and English. Many people in the United States associate the term “Sabbath” with the start of the Christian celebration of Passover. In Israel it is the time to begin Seder meals (the entire meal shared, with leavened bread) actually is pre-dates Passover, and its origin is more religious. Because of the common association of” Sabbath” and Passover, most people living in the United States mistake” Sabbath apartment” as a synagogue, or temple. This makes it hard to understand the origins of the term.

    To clarify my usage of” Sabbath apartment” as a synonym of “speculum” Let me introduce you to a little-known South Korean word: “portmanteau”. According to its official language definition, the South Korean term portsmith means an architect who designs buildings and landscapes with numerous architectural elements from a variety of sources. However, in common usage, it’s used to describe real estate agents. The obvious meaning of “portmanteau” is mixing architectural elements from many sources, however the word “portsmanteau” has a deeper meaning in Korean culture. In reality, “Portmanteau”, which is derived from “ray” and is another derivative “korean” that is an abbreviation of “mante”, which means art.

    In the instance of “portsmith” property, real estate agencies in South Korea typically employ architects from other countries (such as Italy, Spain, or the United Kingdom) who are highly trained in building portfolios of real estate. As I’ve said the importance of architecture as a aspect of South Korea’s real estate marketing strategy. It is also one of the main features of commercial properties located in Seoul. The “portmanteau” in “portsmith” could be understood as “high-class commercial buildings,” but the cultural connotations behind the word “portmanteau” strongly suggest it is a suitable term to describe the most expensive real estate properties (in general, properties situated in or around the metropolitan area of Seoul). Real estate agencies seeking to establish a brand name in the highly competitive industry should be very careful not to employ words like “speculum” or “portmanteau” that may have negative cultural connotations.

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