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    Fact: Many ecommerce fulfillment companies are available but only a few can give you the type of service you need. Fact: Fulfillment centers with established reputations may be more expensive than ecommerce fulfillment companies without known reputations. Fact: It is vital for your company to use ecommerce fulfillment services from a reliable, trustworthy source. Instead of choosing an ecommerce fulfillment vendor simply based on the proximity to your customers or ecommerce fulfillment firm just because of the availability, it is a better policy to use careful analysis and let the research lead your choice. Here are some factors that you should take into account when choosing a supplier for your company’s ecommerce fulfillment needs.

    Fact: If your ecommerce fulfillment center ship directly to your client’s or customer, you will save on inventory. This means less wastage, more profit, and faster delivery. Fact: A lot of your orders will be shipped to clients and not return to the company. Therefore, you should look for a company that specializes in shipping directly to the customer, as this will ensure your products are shipped quickly and that no returns are incurred.

    Fact: Most ecommerce fulfillment services offer free shipping. Fact: You cannot lose with this offer. Free shipment means you do not have to pay additional fees for transportation – another expense that can eat into your profit margin. Fact: Most ecommerce fulfillment centers ship within one business day. Fact: This speed is ideal for stocking merchandise or completing back-order type orders.

    Fact: Most ecommerce fulfillment services offer a wide range of services. Fact: Make sure they offer services such as pick-and-pack, which do not entail the physical handling of items. Pick and pack means the company packs your product for you. They pack your items using special equipment and then pack them at the destination location yourself. Fact: Shipment times are reduced with this service.

    Fact: Many ecommerce fulfillment services provide services that improve the efficiency of your business. Fact: Find out what they offer. Some offer fast shipping. Some offer packing materials and equipment. Some offer other services as well. It may even make sense to join forces with multiple fulfillment companies, as an all-in-one provider often offers better rates and discounts.

    Fact: Many ecommerce fulfillment centers offer a wide array of shipping rates. Fact: Different rates may be cheaper for some than others. Also, rates do vary for online purchases and other types of purchases. Find out which shipping rates the company you want to partner with offers. This is important to meet customer expectations.

    Fact: Online orders sometimes take longer than traditional pick-up times for most customers. Fact: This is not an excuse not to fulfill orders promptly. Some ecommerce businesses can take weeks or even months to fulfill orders, because of all the paper work involved. That is why it is crucial for ecommerce businesses to keep good records of all orders. If orders are not met promptly, this could affect a company’s reputation.

    Fact: Some ecommerce fulfillment providers offer a third party pick and pack service. Fact: You could save time by not using your own staff for picking and packing. This can be helpful if you only pick and pack orders from one end of the country and have more than a few orders going out at the same time. In this case, a third party can be helpful. The service would allow you to simply provide the storage space and the b2b orders to the third party, and the storage space will be responsible for picking up and moving the goods to the customer.