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    Xao tam phan (Paramignya trimera (Oliv.) Guillaum) is a Vietnamese traditionally medicinal plant used in the treating numerous cancers. The preparation of Xao tam phan extracts including solvent type and extraction method have significant effects on extraction efficiency, phytochemical profile and biological activity. This study aimed to investigate the consequences of 5 various solvents (water, acetonitrile, methanol, ethyl acetate and hexane) and three different extraction methods (conventional, ultrasound-assisted and microwave-assisted) on phytochemical yield and antioxidant capacity of P. trimera root from Vietnam. The results indicate that methanol extracted the maximal yield of phytochemicals from P. trimera and exhibited the greatest antioxidant capacity, with eleven compounds were identified and quantified. Microwave-assisted extraction produced the maximal phytochemical yields (with the exception of total flavonoids) and antioxidant capacity, when compared to conventional and ultrasound-assisted extractions. These data demonstrate that the application of methanol and microwave-assisted extraction are recommended for extraction of biologically active phytochemicals from P. trimera root for application from the nutraceutical and/or pharmaceutical industries.

    Drying methods, solvents and extraction methods greatly affect the phytochemical compounds and biological activity from plant materials. The aims with this study could determine the results of numerous drying methods, various solvents and extraction methods around the phytochemical compounds and antioxidant capacity from Xao tam phan (Paramignya trimera) root obtained from Vietnam. The outcomes indicated that microwave drying was an effective method in elimination of water when it comes to shortest drying time, lowest energy consumption as well as retention of phytochemical compounds and antioxidant capacity from the P. trimera root while methanol and microwave-assisted extraction were the top solvent and means for greatest extraction in the phytochemical compounds and antioxidant capacity in the P. trimera root. The findings because of this study allow retaining the highest degrees of phytochemical compounds and antioxidant capacity in the P. trimera root for potential application inside the nutraceutical industry.

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