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    Gradelynovel Cultivation Online – Chapter 268 Nothing Is Impossible In The Cultivation World! materialistic mate share-p1

    Novel– Cultivation Online – Cultivation Online

    Chapter 268 Nothing Is Impossible In The Cultivation World! chase activity

    “Please forgive us, Senior citizen Grandmaster!”

    The member of staff approved the storage containers pouch with excitement before checking the character rocks inside of.

    ‘Just how in the world managed Yuan make an individual like her into his servant?’ Meixiu couldn’t assist but turn into curious.

    “Here’s 2,500 soul gemstones. Keep the modify.” Feng Yuxiang handed a storage pouch on the employee in the nonchalant way, performing just like she was only buying some cheap foodstuff.

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    Feng Yuxiang nodded and explained, “That’s right. The Younger Become an expert in is surely an outstanding lifetime using a unrestricted upcoming. I have only been with him for a couple days and so i will only think about how sturdy he’ll develop in the foreseeable future.”

    The defense quickly switched around and responded to the guy inside of a sarcastic voice, “Nicely, if you have the power to fly, I am going to also let you skip the line. So how does that appear?”

    “Hey there! What offers? The reason they are able to skip the line while the rest of us remain right here?! What’s so special about them?!” Someone within the lines suddenly shouted out loud in the discouraged tone of voice, dialing them out.

    A couple of occasions after, they arrived before the teleportation product.

    “Explanation me! Coming by means of!”

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    Feng Yuxiang didn’t say any other thing and continuing to tactic the teleportation unit with Meixiu following behind her.

    This cost is more than enough to give an entire spouse and children luxuriously for their whole everyday life, and they’re going to shell out everything on transporting? Not really the wealthiest friends and family on their society would dare to pay so lavishly.

    ‘How overbearing…’ Meixiu believed to herself, nevertheless she thought it was somewhat amazing.

    “No reason? There are many factors for someone to developed into a Cultivator! Riches, fame, standing, power… Do you really not have needs?” Feng Yuxiang required her.

    Feng Yuxiang nodded and stated, “That’s right. The Young Expert is really an amazing lifestyle having a limitless long term. I had only been with him for a few 2 or 3 weeks plus i can just think about how robust he’ll expand later on.”

    The member of staff proceeded to look at the big guide which was pinned to your easily transportable board in the area it acquired the area for each area inside the Lessen Heavens by using a teleportation unit.

    “Will you be ok?” Feng Yuxiang inquired her.

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    “I actually do have just one, but transforming into a Cultivator won’t help me to recognize that fantasy. It’s unattainable.” Meixiu shook her travel.

    This brought on the individuals already in brand to frown, primarily since most have been from somewhat huge people, and also this was a slap on the confront in their eyes simply because were forced to remain in line like everyone different.

    “My desire…” Some thought sprang out in their brain.

    “Out of the question? Nothing is extremely hard inside the cultivation entire world! At the least this is just what I mastered immediately after pursuing the Young Grasp for the limited time.”

    Meixiu nodded.

    Individuals there had been immensely shocked by Feng Yuxiang’s cultivation bottom. Precisely where we know did this Nature Grandmaster derive from? And exactly how come they don’t recognise her?

    “Extremely hard? There is nothing not possible on the farming world! At the very least and this is what I learned soon after using the Youthful Learn for the small amount of time.”

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    Feng Yuxiang nodded and explained, “That’s proper. The Little Expert is definitely an outstanding living which has a infinite long term. I had only been with him for a couple days and i also could only imagine how robust he’ll mature in the foreseeable future.”

    “Yes… A little bit dizzy.”

    Meixiu observed just a little dizzy after entering the teleportation tool and the sense lingered for a little bit despite the teleportation was done.

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    “Prestigious Seniors, since the Eastern Continent is really distant, we could only teleport someone to three areas. Will you be high-quality using that?” Anyone managing the teleportation device inquired them.

    “No reason? There are several good reasons for one to be a Cultivator! Capital, popularity, status, power… Should you not have access to wants?” Feng Yuxiang requested her.

    The worker acknowledged the storage containers pouch with pleasure before checking the mindset gemstones interior.

    The people there raised their eye brows in the confused way.

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    ‘3,400,000 rare metal!’ Meixiu was inwardly stunned when she read the huge degree of rare metal needed to make use of the teleportation gadget.

    “The Dragon Essence Temple, correct? Supply a minute to view the map…”


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