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    Novel – Dual Cultivation – Dual Cultivation

    Chapter 698 – Hundreds of Millions unaccountable copy

    Shall I Make You Fall In Love With Me

    ‘This successful f.u.c.ker… If offered plenty of time, he could actually seduce every single women around the Eastern Region!’ Lord Xie cried inwardly.

    “Right here, and this is what a family group Close up seems like—” Zhu Mengyi slightly altered her outfits to demonstrate her Family Seal on the Xie Friends and family, experience such as a boy or girl attempting to exhibit her results.

    “100,000 Perfect Const.i.tutions?!” Xie w.a.n.g’s jaw bone decreased towards the flooring, as it was a tremendous number that he or she cannot even start to know.

    “100,000 Perfect Const.i.tutions?!” Xie w.a.n.g’s mouth fallen towards the ground, mainly because it was a tremendous variety that he cannot even learn to understand.

    “When it is only able to be created by merging 100,000 Heavenly Const.i.tutions together, it ought to be unimaginably potent, correct? What exactly does it even suggest to get a Celestial Const.i.tution?” Lord Xie inquired him by using a interested appear on his deal with.

    “Handle anything in the Universe…? Not even Heaven has an capacity!” Xie w.a.n.g exclaimed in the dumbfounded voice.


    “As I don’t expect to have you allow it to every woman you sleeping with, I sure didn’t anticipate the quantity to generally be that very low!” Lord Xie was the first one to reply.

    And then he ongoing, “Also, because of my Celestial Const.i.tution, I found myself even named ‘living treasure’ at some time.”

    “W-Wait a d.a.m.n following, Su Yang! H-100s of an incredible number of women of all ages? How is that even achievable?!” Lord Xie was the first to query the silly number of females Su Yang claimed to own developed with.

    And he extended, “Anyway, we are simply a little while clear of approaching the Eastern Country.”

    Observing their result, Su Yang nodded by using a teeth on his deal with, “Sure, Lian Li can also be a part of our family members now. She’s getting to sleep now.”

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    “Have you just give Sibling Li all your family members Close off?” Zhu Mengyi questioned him with shiny eye.

    “Below, this is just what kids Close up appears like—” Zhu Mengyi slightly modified her garments to show off her Loved ones Close to your Xie Loved ones, sensing such as a child trying to show off her results.

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    “When you’re as fine as me and also with Yang Qi which includes exactly the same influence as important treasures that could raise one’s farming structure, ladies would flock for you even when you do nothing at all but inhalation. Around my prior life, when I might check out any location, there would often be a distinctive line of attractive girls pleased to grow with me, and this series would not disappear for many days on finish regardless of whether I cultivated nonstop,” Su Yang spoke within a prideful tone of voice. “And numerous enormous amounts is just a modest estimation!”

    ‘This successful f.you.c.ker… If granted sufficient time, he could actually seduce almost every women over the Eastern Region!’ Lord Xie cried inwardly.

    And then he ongoing, “Regardless, we are simply a little while clear of attaining the Eastern Continent.”

    “Handle almost everything from the Universe…? Not even Heaven has this type of skill!” Xie w.a.n.g exclaimed in the dumbfounded sound.

    “Management all the things throughout the Universe…? Not actually Heaven has this kind of power!” Xie w.a.n.g exclaimed in the dumbfounded sound.

    “So… does this signify you might be basically husband and wives?” Xie Xingfang suddenly requested.

    “Oh, I also want to know the response to that dilemma,” Zhu Mengyi explained with curiosity in her confront.

    “Listed here, this is exactly what loved ones Close off appears to be like—” Zhu Mengyi slightly adjusted her clothing to show off her Spouse and children Close on the Xie Spouse and children, emotion like a kid trying to show off her successes.

    Discovering their impulse, Su Yang nodded that has a laugh on his encounter, “Sure, Lian Li is also a portion of our family members now. She’s resting now.”

    Above the after that short while, everybody in the soaring s.h.i.+p was silently pondering to themselves what Su Yang experienced just instructed them.

    Chapter 698 – 100s of Enormous amounts

    “Well, while there has been individuals that had had been able to achieve a Celestial Const.i.tution before me, each will perished before they may ascend to G.o.dhood, so it’s merely a tale.” Su Yang shrugged his the shoulders.

    “Definitely not,” Su Yang shook his travel and explained, “Just those with Celestial Qi within their body can benefit from a Celestial Const.i.tution, also, since I was without Celestial Qi in doing my former lifestyle, I was not able to take advantage of my Celestial Const.i.tution. For what one could use a body system that included the Celestial Const.i.tution… star has it that you can ascend to correct G.o.dhood and take control of the world and every little thing there since you will.”