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    Chapter 1576 – : Magic power recharging machine fair heal

    “This weapon can modify the heavenly tribulation.” Fairy Dongfang Six’s sight lighted up.

    Dharma Emperor Making replied, “Well, regardless of whether it survives this 5th Phase heavenly tribulation but remains on and takes in during a Sixth Level perfect tribulation, there is absolutely no way it’ll be capable to keep living.”

    Fairy Dongfang Six said, “This metal manifestation of yours is becoming a growing number of exciting. Having said that, can this cannon-like tool work on the heavenly tribulation?”

    Dharma Emperor Production remarked, “Six, never get fired up at this time. I think that the main reason this railgun has this type of significant impact is generally for that reason key reactor. Just now, we found a great number of threads expand through the reactor and enter the railgun, making it possible for very little friend Music Shuhang’s manifestation to merge by it. It is probably because of those threads the fact that railgun managed to produce these kinds of strange outcomes.”

    Sword lightweight reduced downwards, as well as it seemed to are part of exquisite sword tactics.

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    These runes quickly merged, and became the prototype of any awesome method.

    The prior tribulation-transcending development and sense formations acquired all collapsed during Doudou’s tribulation. This became even the purpose the researchers ended up being capable of getting in their mind.

    It got originally been a sword formation of numerous dozen swords, but at this point, it acquired already developed into a huge growth with more than one hundred very sharp swords.

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    The last tribulation-transcending development and sense formations acquired all collapsed during Doudou’s tribulation. That was also the reason they had been able to get for them.

    Fairy Dongfang Six claimed, “Is it a magical treasure that may free up wonderful methods?”

    Tune Shuhang claimed, “This is beyond my handle. Whether or not this does indeed seek out loss and takes in spanning a Sixth Stage heavenly tribulation, I’ll be unable to do just about anything.”

    Dharma King Production reported, “Mm-hm, I concur with that.”

    Lots of precious swords created a development on the oxygen.

    Fairy Dongfang Six claimed, “This metal manifestation of yours gets an increasing number of intriguing. Even so, can this cannon-like tool operate on the incredible tribulation?”

    Piece of music Shuhang claimed, “So as it described ‘equipment’, it was actually speaking about this railgun…”

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    The edges of Dharma Emperor Creation’s oral cavity twitched.

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    These folks would perhaps be greatly popular on earth of cultivation.

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    On top of that, the Dark-colored Metal G.o.dly Armor was not big enough to put its body within the mecha shape. When it comes to G.o.d Slaying Mum-Child Cannon, it was actually something used huge amounts of soul stones, and Piece of music Shuhang was currently penniless.

    Just now, he obtained forgotten to utilize the key evaluation technique about the item.

    Track Shuhang pass on his hands. “I never know, either.”

    The metallic body’s built in protective s.h.i.+eld has been shattered more than once, and its massive human body was already stuffed with scars. Experienced it not been for that ‘immortal boat’ on its own possessing been built with top-of-the-lines products, it may well have always been smashed to bits via the perfect tribulation’s sword development.

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    Underneath the perfect tribulation clouds.

    Many valued swords established a development within the air.

    Immediately after discovering Song Shuhang take this thing out, Dharma Ruler Development have been wondering just what exactly this mystical treasure was.

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    The steel body’s built-in defensive s.h.i.+eld was shattered more than once, along with its massive body system was already stuffed with scar tissue. Possessed it not been for those ‘immortal boat’ itself having been designed with top rated-of-the-brand resources, it might have long been smashed to parts from the heavenly tribulation’s sword formation.