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    Chapter 1547 – The life of a chicken-eating dog is the most exciting utopian introduce


    Going over ancient expertise would allow a person to far better understand it and gain more expertise.

    Doudou’s hovering velocity was extremely rapid, along with the flying quickness on the four fire tires was faster than a cultivator’s flying sword—after all, this was a miracle value that Yellow-colored Mountain experienced customise-manufactured for Doudou.

    He was currently halfway through his quest from Yellow Mountain to Jiangnan University Town.

    “See you, Older Scarlet Paradise.” Song Shuhang waved so long again.

    Track Shuhang responded to, “A huge shot possessed just traversed s.p.a.ce and caused a change in the divine ability in this article. Don’t worry, this faith based power will quickly dissipate.”

    Daoist Priest Scarlet Paradise murmured, “Right… Young lady Onion should remain with small close friend Shuhang, correct? I did not remember to question precisely how she’s undertaking now. I put in plenty of work as a way to reveal her rare cultivation ability. If she were to perform really, then her ascension pace should really be very fast.”

    He brought powerful talismans and magical treasures which he got from Stupid Yellow Mountain. If he applied them nicely, he could possibly keep the lifespan on the other bash.

    Despite the fact that he experienced agreed upon with Song Shuhang in order to reach right after five days… together with his liveliness, how could he possibly loose time waiting for five days?

    If Woman Onion’s marketing and advertising pace is just too poor, i will need to artificially put some strain in her. Naturally, her natural talent for cultivation must not be squandered.

    “?” Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven transformed his head.

    The moment he came up again right here, this reduce cultivator’s body system would have long gone cold.

    Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven claimed his goodbye just as before. “Little friend Shuhang, I’ll look at you next time.”

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    If he was remembering accurately, Qing Wu was originally a Netherworld beast shrub. Could she even do photosynthesis?

    During thought… Doudou suddenly saw an aircraft whizzing when in front of him, chasing after a 5th Stage Golden Central shed cultivator.

    He was currently halfway through his journey from Yellow-colored Mountain peak to Jiangnan Institution Area.

    Also, for the reason that rest of the world was now brimming with Celestials, who have been searching 5th Period cultivators and strong monsters, Yellowish Hill obtained equipped two living-conserving awesome treasures and three effective talismans for Doudou to be sure his safety.

    At the moment, in the way from ‘Yellow Mountain’ to ‘Jiangnan School Town’.

    During thought… Doudou suddenly noticed an plane whizzing before him, chasing a 5th Point Gold Main loosened cultivator.

    “See you, Older Scarlet Heaven.” Music Shuhang waved farewell once more.

    It manufactured him delighted just considering how he can be discovering the ❮Language of your Historical Era❯ even though freeloading on some ebooks.

    The next time I satisfy minor good friend Boy Shuhang, I’ll check with him regarding how Young lady Onion is doing.

    The call promptly linked.

    It looked like this shed cultivator only needed to work with an justification to get it away and allow it to stay.

    Section 1547: Living of a chicken breast-consuming pet dog is among the most thrilling

    Certainly, Tune Shuhang definitely hoped that Scarlet Heaven Sword could stay. Nowadays, Scarlet Heaven Sword was the very best cheat he acquired, and yes it was a lot more trusted compared to the Inside Planet.


    Scarlet Paradise Sword reported, “Since you are right here, can you impose me up? I have consumed loads of electricity just lately, plus the vitality inside my body has been constantly within the red brand. I haven’t been complete for years, you can as well fee me up before abandoning?”

    Doudou trod lightly while flames wheels blazed at his ft . because he rushed toward Jiangnan Institution Town—although he could take at a human being shape, he was still useful to the type of a beast puppy when he transported approximately.

    In an instant, the faith based qi in this willow forest did actually turn out to be nourished.

    He themself was remaining hunted to passing away, and yes it even checked like he would drop in the near future, yet still just after he observed Doudou, he still cautioned Doudou regarding the possible danger.

    Scarlet Heaven Sword yelled, “Energy is continuously flowing into me, this is terrific!”

    Daoist Priest Scarlet Paradise shook his mind slightly. “I have another program this point. However, it isn’t convenient to make known it.”

    “There’s no worries letting it play for some much more time.” Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven ongoing to help maintain the whole picture associated with an otherworldly professional.

    Scarlet Paradise Sword floated during the air flow all over again, plus it flew to Scarlet Heaven’s section. “Did you get another concentrate on perfect to develop?”

    “?” Daoist Priest Scarlet Paradise turned his travel.

    Doudou quickly stated, “I’ve run across some Celestials… Just wait around for a time, I will try to cause them to the borders of Jiangnan School Area, occur and rescue me. If it is far too late, you can actually still get my corpse~”

    This puppy dog was obviously a liar.

    Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven murmured, “Right… Lady Onion should still be with small buddy Shuhang, proper? I forgot to inquire on how she’s carrying out now. I invested plenty of work in an effort to unveil her unusual cultivation talent. If she were to training truly, then her ascension performance should be very quick.”

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    Scarlet Paradise Sword rose to the atmosphere, gladly switching about.

    It designed him happy just thinking of how he could be mastering the ❮Language on the Medieval Era❯ when freeloading on some books.

    Qing Wu suspiciously questioned, “Eh? Mister Tyrannical Song, how did the spiritual energy in the forests turn into so loaded?”