• Federico Gutierrez, who is the candidate for Colombia’s presidency for the Team for Colombia, was received with a round of applause and ovations at his recent visit to Medellin by the waiters, guests, and diners at a popular Antioquia restaurant.

    It’s not the first time the candidate has been greeted in this manner.…[Read more]

  • Federico Gutierrez was able to win the official center-right candidacy with over 1.7 million votes. The former mayor of Medellin was able to win Barguil, Char, Penalosa, Penalosa and the tab de the los Cristianos, Aydee Zarazo.

    Federico Gutierrez, who was born in Medellin in 1975, is a former Mayor of Medellin. He is an elected Medellin…[Read more]

  • With a total of votes amounting to ‘160.329., Fico Gutierrez was the winner of this Sunday’s poll with the Team for Colombia’. This is equal to 54.1 percent of the total number of votes that were deposited within the internal electoral processes of this coalition.

    Gutierrez attended the first debate between presidential candidates following…[Read more]

  • “Fico” Gutierrez was the winner on Sunday, during the meeting of the ‘Team for Colombia’ with a total vote of ‘160.329. 54.11% of the votes were placed in the electoral process within the country.

    Gutierrez was present during the first debate on presidential candidates following the legislative election. He was extremely measured with…[Read more]

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